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Article Imagery & Editorial series'


Part of my work within PinkNews involved creating site imagery and shareable social post images which accompany & elevate the Editorial teams' written articles. This was regularly a matter of problem solving as I sought to deliver quality designs that were appropriate, tasteful, credited and (where necessary) anonymous - such as with testimonials. 

"How SOPHIE became the voice of a generation – and how her legacy of liberation lives on"- Read

"Queer, Nigerian, closeted and in love: Real-life couples share their trials, tribulations and joys" - Read

SOPHIE Main Article Headline.jpg

"From Carmen Carrera to Sasha Colby: How RuPaul’s Drag Race became a beacon for trans visibility"- Read

Drag Race Trans.jpg
Main Article Image.png

"Thousands call on Russia to ban barbaric conversion therapy" - Read

Russia Conversion Therapy.png

Series - Holiday Campaign, 'LGBTQ+ Refugees welcome'


PinkNews' 2022 Holiday season campaign was a fundraiser for lgbtq+ refugees around the world. As part of the campaign myself and the design team created a styling to use across all platforms. I took charge with the illustration side of the project and collaborated with other team members to deliver something bold yet tasteful.


series - coverage of the War in ukraine


Coverage of the war in Ukraine and its devastating impact needed a design touch that was respectful and appropriate but striking enough to get people's attention. I took the lead in designing this collage style editorial series inspired by Dadaism as well as the look and feel of other competitor publications.

Ukraine_Russia Series Template 1.jpg
Ukraine_Russia Series Template 3.jpg
Ukraine_Russia Series - Lesbian Couple.jpg
Ukraine_Russia Series Template 2.jpg

Ad hoc designs for pinknews' comms


Bespoke designs briefed in from people & culture / operations and delivered by me. I regularly work on creative briefs covering upcoming socials, milestones and external communications.

Rabbit and Easel.png
Spring Fling Invite.jpg
A BIG 50.png
Recruitment Asset Ops.png

brand design


I have assisted with designing for various brands at PinkNews and have taken a central role on designing for two major branding projects - the 'Business Community', which are seminars for business professionals, as well as PinkNews Futures, which is a careers event for young lgbtq+ jobseekers.

My input -  everything. Logo, all branding & deck slides

PN Futures Flyer Digital.png

My input - Supporting Imagery & Deck Slides

Logo, Icon & backgrounds by Richard Burn

PinkNews' Social Platforms - Visual Identity

Facebook Page UI_Mobile_PN_Generic.png
Snap Profile Mock.png
PinkNews YouTube Channel Art.png

Commerce Designs for


Product designs, mockups and commercial material for PinkNews' commerce brand, stocking LGBTQ+ inclusive clothing, accessories and merchandise.

ui/ux - website rebrand and maintaining brand consistency


Working closely with freelancer Becky Birch, who took the lead with this project and developed a huge resource for us, I and the design team maintained a figma library of guidelines, assets and components dictating the look and feel of PinkNews across all digital platforms. Notably this was used to create a full rebrand of the website in 2022, which I contributed page and component designs to, you can find the live site here.

The PinkNews App - legacy


One of my largest projects and achievements at PinkNews has been the full redesign of PinkNews' mobile app for iOS & Android. This was my first major venture into UI / UX design and I learned so much from it.

The responses for the new app have been overwhelmingly positive and I really took the lead with this, updating the look, feel and usability for current audiences & devices. Below is some of the commercial material used to promote the app, showcasing some of its features. As of 2023 the app has been updated to reflect the rebranded website.

Events Collateral & Online Promotion


These are just a few of my designs for PinkNews' one of a kind events including Pride for All - an online celebration of Pride & PinkNews Futures (before the rebrand). I have also contributed designs for the PinkNews Awards and yearly Summer Receptions. These events have often had high profile partners such as Amazon, Lloyds Bank, JLL & Accenture.

Visions Poster new.png
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